About us

Neglected dental needs cause unbearable pain, difficulty eating, and life threatening infections spreading from the mouth into the bloodstream. This problem is widespread and the treatment underfunded. Unfortunately, most of our brave veterans return home to discover that they do not qualify for any government coverage for dental services unless they are 100% disabled, a POW, or the dental issue is service related.  

Our history

In 2011, renowned dentist and philanthropist, Charles Zahedi DDS, PhD, addressed this urgent need by founding Oral Disability Rescue, a non-profit composed of a small group of volunteer dentists and dental assistants who provided desperately needed dental care to impoverished and disabled veterans living in Southern California.  The name has since changed to Dentists for Veterans, to better reflect the service and the target population. Since its inception, over $500,000 of dental services have been provided to veterans in need; eliminating pain and infection, while improving overall health and quality of life.  

Mission statement

Dentists for Veterans’ mission is to provide low to no cost, critically needed, quality dental services to veterans in need.  

Funding focus

Our focus is to provide critically needed dental services for veterans who do not have the resources to pay for dental treatment.  

Target population

We serve veterans struggling with poverty, physical disabilities, injuries, illnesses, mobility issues, and/or mental illnesses.  


Our goal is to improve the overall health and quality of life for our veterans in need.