Dr. Charles Zahedi DDS, PhD

Founder, CEO & President

Dr. Charles Zahedi has been intensively involved with treating and helping maintain the best oral health for orally disabled, veterans and older adults since 1990. Dr. Zahedi is presently a part-time faculty member at the Department of Periodontics at the University of California, Los Angeles and was also a full-time Associate Professor at the Department of Advanced Periodontics and Implant surgery at Loma Linda University in California from 2002 to 2004. He obtained a Ph.D. in oral medicine with a thesis on the periodontal and bone regeneration. Most of the international publications by Dr. Zahedi deal with treating older adults having advanced bone loss and needing tissue regeneration and dental implants. He has written some of the most-read scientific articles on how to make implant dentistry more affordable and predictable. Dr. Zahedi has lectured on the treatment of older adults and the use of dental implants and trained dentists in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and China. In 2011, Dr. Zahedi became the Founder and Clinical Director of Dentists for Veterans/Oral Disability Rescue, bringing compassionate dental care to orally disabled veterans and older adults that have no covered dental benefits and whose low income is below the “poverty threshold” set by the U.S. government. His aim is to fight the oral handicaps of edentulous in patients that have lost all of their upper and/or lower teeth by using the newest technologies in Implant Dentistry. Dr. Zahedi is also honored to be the first dentist invited to speak at a conference for the California Assisted Living Association (CALA). He discusses how oral health care impacts the quality of life of older adults. Dr. Zahedi was honored to write a book chapter in the 2016 book ‘Dental Clinics of North America’ on the ‘Treatment of Orally handicapped older adults by means of dental implants​’.